Unfugged: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Madonna and more...

We love Go Fug Yourself. The writing is sharp, witty and always well done. I find it to be one of the most addictive fashion blogs out there. And I love laughing at the awful stuff.

However, we often disagree with some of the fuggings. We understand the need for daily content, and we agree with the war against mid-calf leggings and exposed lady bits. We love that these celebs have paid someone to dress them this way too. We just think a few of the fuggees have rocked some seriously cool looks.

Here are some recent fuggings we would like to unfug.

Maggie G. of the 1920s
Jael Paris: I liked Maggie G.'s outfit on GFY today
becca: I think she looked very creative, quirky. It worked for her
Jael Paris: It reminds me of the 1920s when lean athletic figures were in women would bind their chests and wear clothing to make them look like a column
becca: And she has the great natural curls with the red lips. It's a pretty, effortless look.
Jael Paris: The hair is amazing! Great body and color, but it doesn't look like she gave 6 hours of her life having it shlaqued in place
becca: I know. I love how natural it looks. I also think the sunglasses are a nice touch. Her lips really stand out.
Jael Paris: The sunglasses, the makeup, the touches of sheer and color all keep the look young.
becca: And the shoes.
Jael Paris: Great shoes. Right on trend. They're still t-straps, but not period.
becca: It makes the look a lot more fashion forward.

Cynthia Nixon in White

Jael Paris: Her cheeks are rosey
becca: She's really more blown out by the camera than pale. The details of the dress are hard to see.
Jael Paris: I don't think her hair is pale enough for her to need to avoid white
even so, what's wrong with pale?
becca: I think pale can work. And her hair is dark enough to avoid looking ghostly
Jael Paris: or consumptive
becca: I do wish she had done something more with her hair though. She is wearing a quite nice dress.
Jael Paris: It's hard to do much when it's that length. I know first hand
becca: I don't think it ruins the look though. She still looks very pretty

Mischa Barton Seeing Double

becca: What did you think of Mischa's two dresses with the same brown outfit? I like the blue dress more than the green
Jael Paris: They're both good casual looks
becca: They are. I like the jacket a lot, and I don't mind the matchy brown at all
Jael Paris: I like the dresses as the only pops of color. I have a weakness for tasseled scarves as well.
becca: Her hair really works with that look too.
Jael Paris: I like the deep honey color of it.
becca: If she had brown hair I would say that the brown is all too much, but her hair color works.
Jael Paris: These two looks are good examples of how good accessories can strech your wardrobe. Come winter, she can throw on a pair of boots. It's not revolutionary, but it's not fugly either.

Two-toned Madonna

becca: We need to do Madonna
becca: She rocked that two-tone dress
Jael Paris: People complained because it was rather sheer, but she is Madonna. Buttoning her up is like locking her in a zoo.
becca: It's not like a little starlet was wearing that
Jael Paris: I love the fringing. So appropriate for a pop star
becca: The shininess is great too. Again, it's Madonna. The thick belt with the delicate necklace is a great combination.
Jael Paris: I wouldn't have worn a black belt, but the more I look at this picture, the more I think that's best. There's already a lot going on, and she didn't break up the flow of black
becca: The belt is very current too so it makes the look more on trend.
Jael Paris: Sidenote: I wore my hair like that in high school. Looks better on Madge.
becca: I tried to wear my hair like that in high school too, but it was waist length. Didn't work so much.


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