To The Girl Without Pants

becca and I were headed to Michigan Ave. in Chicago when you came dashing out of Bebe. You were wearing a fake orange tan, long sleeved green sweater, flip flops, a low slung belt They were too baggy to have been bikini bottoms, but since your cheeks were hanging out the bottom, I don't even think they qualified as shorts. The best we -- and by we I mean me, becca, the women behind us and everyone would walked past you -- could come up with was that you were wearing men's briefs.

You must have been wearing pants at some point, right? The belt sort of implied pants. I don't know how you didn't feel the temperature difference between your sweatered top and bare butt.

Luckily for you, Fashion Me Fabulous has a whole section on pants. Heck, I don't even care if you clothe yourself in the printed bells I posted last Tuesday. Just, as the Fuggers would say, look into pants.

Skinny jeans from Target for a mere $19.99.


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