Save or Splurge: Basic Black Pants

Splurging on the perfect black pants
Splurge, splurge, splurge, splurge. If I could find the perfect pair of basic black pants I really would be willing to spend pretty big on them. I have no black pants that fit me correctly. Actually I don't have any pants that fit me correctly.

Black pants (or your favorite neutral color) would make my wardrobe so much more versatile. I have a few pairs that look like they fit when I wear the right skirt and shoes, but that's a lot of work for a boring outfit.

Basics like these are worth a splurge. If you buy a perfect fit (tailoring may be required) in a quality pants, you won't be buying a new pair of pants every winter.

Would you splurge on black pants?

Ralph Lauren Kaitlin Pants $798


Jael Paris said…
I've recently put on weight, but only in my thighs, the biggest part of me to begin with. My pants are now going places they shouldn't. If I could find pants made for my legs, I'd be all over them.
Rachel said…
Splurge. It's hard, though, because we women do tend to change shapes and sizes now and then.

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