Love or Loathe: Silver Jeans

Maybe I am slowly preparing for a future as a street performer. I've been playing with silver jeans in Polyvore, and I can't help but think they'd be the perfect thing when you want to feel casual but still look exciting. Their metallic sheen would require a certain body confidence as the reflecting light would highlight everything. I've looked and looked, but in order to get jeans that are metallic rather than just grey, you have to pay a pretty penny. The best pair I've found is Diesel's "Lowky" at ASOS for a whopping $302.82.

Would you ever wear metallic pants? Do I need therapy before I paint my face silver?


Anonymous said…
I would absolutely wear them, except for one fact. Any jeans with that much personality are bound to be extremely low-cut, as are those in your collages. I need way more fabric than that to cover my ghetto-booty.

That said, were someone to make an affordable pair of silver jeans that would cover my butt, I would wear 'em in a heartbeat.
Anonymous said…
Well I have to admit, when I first saw the silver jeans picture, strippers and back alleys came to mind (sorry!) but after a second look, I think I understand the appeal. I mean, I like shiny skirts and heels, so why not jeans? I think that as long as you don't have an apple bottom and you are in relatively good shape, a skinny pair of silver jeans would look very hip.

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