The Lazy Woman's Chic

If there is one phrase I hate, it's "I'm too busy for fashion." First of all, if you're talking about trends and who made the latest what, you're not the only one who's too busy. If you care about that, read a magazine. But this statement is almost never uttered in reference to designers and It Bags. No, it's an excuse for wearing the same jeans and tee every day for every occasion. In reality, looking stylish is much easier than most busy women imagine it to be.

My secret for looking put together when one more thing to do will cause me to fall apart is shift dresses. I have several knee length, sleeveless dresses in basic neutral colors. One of them is even tee-shirt material. When I've overslept, feel like I've been hit by a truck or just can't be bothered to think about my clothes, I grab one of these dresses. It's actually easier than jeans and a tee since it's only one item.

What makes these shifts superior to my college dorm tees is their chameleon ability. Once the dress is on, I grab the first scarf, belt, jacket, top, tights or jewelry I see. By mixing in accessories you can buy for change at any Goodwill or some of my wardrobe staples, the outfit looks new each time I put it on. And I never have to hear, "You don't look so great. Are you feeling okay?"

Next week, I'll show you where you can buy some versatile shifts. If you just can't wait, check out thrift stores. I've gotten three designer ones there for a few bucks.


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