Etsy Shop of the Week: zJayne

Fabric Eco-friendly Shopping Tote Bags
Art of Assemblage by zJayne has her own answer to the question "Paper or Plastic?" She says "T-shirt." zJayne makes recycled and repurposed t-shirt grocery or market bags. These t-shirt bags roll up really small so they are easy to store in your car or stuff a few in one bag for a trip to the grocery store. They also look small enough to keep in your purse, which would be great for clothes shopping instead of taking the elaborate store bags when you but something.

You can purchase one bag for $5, two bags for $9, three bags for $12, six bags for $24, or a bakers dozen of 13 bags for $48.75. She has a ton of t-shirts to choose from just look at the list in her profile to pick out your bags.


Thank you SO much for the kudos on my recycled market bags. I would have been here sooner but I just found this wonderful feature from a google search!

Thank you! Appreciated!

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