Vintage Shop: Vintage Sunglasses Shop

Whether you're looking for a cool pair of shades or some unique frames for your everyday glasses, vintage glasses might be the way to go. Vintage Sunglasses Shop is here to meet those needs with frames from the 1970s-1990s. (The 90s are vintage?!) They have a wide selection of designer pieces by Christian LaCroix, Ray Ban, Dior, Fendi and many more. These frames aren't cheap but frames usually aren't. Some of them are very retro movie star, and what more could you want from such chic glasses?


Karmander said…
Vintage sunglasses are the best. I got my pair of classic 70's aviators from the biker who lived next door. It's gotta be the real thing, you know?
Anonymous said…
Wow those are amazing im starting too collect its amazing what you can find in thrift stores ! vintage sunglasses a must have.
Anonymous said…
love these! I found an amazing boutique in San Francisco that carries vintage sunglasses- Harputs Market
Anonymous said…
I love the range that has. Thinking of buying some of the unworn Leonards - divine! X

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