Vintage Shop: Dress That Man

Unless you're looking for ironic clothes from the 70s and 80s, vintage shopping can be tough for men. Dress That Man brags that they are "damn picky and proud of it." I think any man desiring to emulate Robert Moore's James Bond rather than Napoleon Dynamite will appreciate their pickyness. In addition to a range of suits, shirts, pants and jackets from the 1970s, Dress That Man also stocks belts, shoes, ties, cufflinks, tie tacks and bars, and for the true retro swinger -- ashtrays. Break out your pomade and your aviator shades, because Dress That Man will suit you.
1970s nubby red plaid sportscoat $64.99
Top Gun Oleg Cassini brown leather bomber jacket $99.99
1950s multicolor seersucker shirt $69.99
grey 3-piece pinstripe suit by Hart Schaffner $149.99

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