Save or Splurge: Thong Sandals

Thong sandals are a summer staple, whether you wear flip flops or more elaborate thong sandals these are perfect for warm weather wear.

I am starting to prefer a more sophisticated thong sandal over my cheap flip flops, but that doesn't mean I'm about to splurge on a thong sandal. I'll dish out the money for a nice, everyday leather sandal I could possibly wear to work, but not a fun thong sandal.

I bought a pair of gold thong sandals at the end of the summer on clearance two years ago. Since the sandals are pretty classic, they still look like whats in the stores today.

What about you? Do you save or splurge on thong sandals?

Marc Jacobs Crystal Gems Thong Sandals $209 reduced from $700


Rachel said…
Save save save!
Jael Paris said…
There must be a contingency of women somewhere who splurge because those sandals you pictured are sold out now.

Such shoes are only wearable for a maximum of three months in this area, so I'd rather buy peeptoes.

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