Save or Splurge: Summer Bag

I am in need of a summer bag. My winter bag broke, and black suede isn't the best for summer, even if it is really cute. The bag pictured above is by Lucky Brand Jeans and is called the Foldover Crossbody bag. I came in yellow, but I think that sold out everywhere. I love it, but I will not spend $178 on a fun summer bag. I do want that style, but not at the price. I also don't need a leather bag for the summer, which should keep the price down.

A summer bag is where I have fun, choose something a little more casual or trendy, and probably ignore it come next summer so this is a big save for me. What about you? Do you buy a summer purse? Do you save or splurge?


Jael Paris said…
I really wanted a wicker or raffia bag last summer, but most were incredibly expensive. Hmm, maybe we could scrounge up some good summer purse buys if our stylish readers are interested.

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