Please Explain: Jumpsuits

I don't know how, but a Spiegel's ad wandered into my mail. Now, some of the clothing at Spiegel seems fine, but many things are just slightly off. Out of curiosity I wandered onto their website where I discovered they have a spot on their side navigation for jumpsuits.

Online shopping with my cousin, who loves Guess, revealed that Guess also has a jumpsuit for a slightly different demographic. I've seen jumpsuits come and go for a long time. I've even tried one on to see if it would look as bad as I thought. It didn't. It looked worse.

I don't understand this article of clothing. It doesn't seem versatile, but maybe I'm missing something. It doesn't seem terribly flattering, even on the models. It does strange things to the crotch. It also seems like a visible panty line nightmare, even in denim. Plus, who really wants to completely disrobe just to go to the bathroom? Don't you have to worry about the sleeves touching the public restroom floor. Perhaps that is an argument for not wearing them in public. The logistics baffle me.

Spiegel's polyester jersey with spandex wrap jumpsuit looks like it could create some awkward gapping and bunching. Guess's jumpsuit looks like it could have more gapping down the front than it was originally designed to have, which is already a bit too much.

Does anyone out there have a defense or even explanation for these?


Jael Paris said…
My guess is that they're supposed to be as easy as a dress, but it seems like a nightmare to fit. Part of why I love dresses is I never have to worry about them fitting my thighs. I've seen some people look nice in jumpsuits, but they are always expensive. Hmm, I think I just answered my previous love or loathe question.
Elle said…
I have seen some jumpsuits that work, but that Spiegel one is hideous.
Anonymous said…
A jumpsuit seems like it would have all of the nightmarish problems of finding a properly fitting one piece swim suit added to the difficulty of dress pants. Why would I want to combine two of my worst shopping nightmares?


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