Pasty Me Needs a Big Hat

To say I glow in the dark would be an understatement; however, I don't feel the need to go running to the tanning salon either. Base tan my booty. Since this Irish skin only has two shades, white and flaming red, I prefer to stay pale even in the summer. Sunscreen helps, but I'd really like to buy a wide brimmed straw hat.
Clockwise from top left: purple ruffle back, Shady Lady Products $32
straw with ribbon tie, Forever 21 $12.80
white and navy reversible print, Banana Republic $52
crownless Panama visor, Village Hats Shop $38
hot pink packable, Coolibar $29.95
dusty blue, Urban Outfitters $28
red wide brim, Village Hats Shop $18.95
straw with white trim, Kokin, Neiman Marcus $290
multicolor, Urban Outfitters $29.99


Laura V said…
I recently picked up a stunning hat from the etsy seller "Boring Sidney". Anything but boring! I'm wearing it for my sister's college graduation -- late May in the American South + extremely pasty me = sunhat.
Jael Paris said…
Thanks for the tip! I don't know why I didn't check there.
Anonymous said…
Catching up on this one late, but just wanted to say how glad I am to realize I'm not alone on the pale frontlines. I get a lot of crap for it, but I do love being pale.

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