The Mystery of the Missing Springwear Part 1

A walk through my local mall assures me once again that the long tyranny of the winter has passed, taking with it once more parkas, fur and watching girls outside clubs freezing their asses off in mini skirts all in the name of the ever powerful nicotine fit, and the explosion of life, warmth and bbq's naturally brings with it a brand new spring fashion craze, with wild styles, retro comebacks, and an annual renaissance of trends and..... oh wait.

My bad.

That's women's fashion.

It's spring in the Western hemisphere, and that can mean only one thing; the polo shirts have come to roost once again. Or taken root. Or gone to Boot... use any one you want, they all generally describe the solstice invasion of pop-able collars, khaki shorts and flip flops, as the middle grade stores like Bluenotes, Stitches, The Gap and American Eagle (feel free to finish the list yourself, 2 points per Middle American store you can think of) overflow with brightly coloured alterations of last years inventory.

Don't get me wrong. Individually, any one selection of this permanent line of spring wear is great. I own some inexpensive, yet energetically designed polos, a carefully chosen few that appear at random throughout the season, that flow easy with a pair of jeans and a light jacket, and sandals are all that should be worn in tropical weather.

I'm not to big on shorts...

But it's when a majority of menswear available suddenly consists of at least two of these three pieces that you have to wonder why we bother to have designers at all. It's as if the spring wear is nothing more than the results of a fashion school final exam-

Final Exam - Mens Wear: Using shorts and polos,
design something to sell at 2 for 1 prices until
the real designers come back from holiday.

In Part 2, we'll explore three designs that have come out of the grinder this year that will make this year worth wearing.


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