Love or Loathe? Eiffel Tower Clutch

I love Paris, hence the name. But I don't think that I, lover of bug necklaces, am funky enough to pull off this Eiffel Tower clutch by Timmy Woods. Of course, this $415 holder of "credit cards, cash and lipstick" will sell like mad once the Sex and the City movie hits theaters. Expense aside (because once Carrie Bradshaw totes it, it will be knocked off), the purse feels like a childish attempt at glamour. Am I missing the fabulousness of this clutch or are you in my camp of "meh"?

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Rachel said…
I think this would be fun for a little girl, but I wouldn't want to carry one myself.
Karmander said…
I love it. Absolutely. The color and size keep it kitschy and ironic.
Anonymous said…
I am feeling very 'meh' about this too. I love unexpected and weird, but this isn't doing it for me.

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