Imaginary Therapy Shopping

becca, editor and blog promoter extraordinaire, has been attacked by the month of May. In spite of that, she’s been throwing herself into Fashion Me Fabulous, making us a shiny new banner, setting up promotional accounts and emailing marvelous Etsy sellers. Writing is another matter as good writing, even about hideous shoes or undiscovered indie sellers, requires an emotional investment her poet self cannot currently spare.

becca, dear, since you’re too far away to hug or give a back rub, I’m taking you on a virtual shopping trip. Alas, I won’t be buying you these things when I see you for your birthday next week, but faux shopping therapy is the best I can do from Indiana.

Since you finally got the perfect black bag for everyday, how about your dream purse, the Chloe Paddington, in a coral red?

I know how much you love black dresses. This Vivienne Westwood shirt dress has enough extra detail to be interesting without being overwhelming. And the very Dior silhouette would be traffic stopping on your curves.

We could swing by Sephora for some Christian Dior eyeshadow and eyeliner for those doe eyes of yours.

Hmm, somehow you’ve gone the entire day without shoes. Since I’ve forbidden you from buying more black shoes, lets find some bright, cheery pumps. I bet you wouldn’t take off these cobalt blue wedge sandals by Derek Lam all summer.

You and vintage jewelry were made for each other. These diamond, coral, and pearl earrings are 18k white gold, so you don’t have to worry about metal allergies. This fabulous Victorian enamel locket brooch would be a nice bright pop on the dress and matches your chic new shoes. Plus, the pearls and diamonds tie them back to the earrings.

That’s a ton of shopping. Let’s stop for some pasta then swing by the Starbucks at Barnes & Noble. We can rehash where our writing is going after last month’s writer’s conference.


Rachel said…
Yay imaginary therapy shopping! I love that the menu is included in the image, complete with two coffee beverages :)

Take that, May!
becca said…
Thank you. That was wonderful!

I'm going to go stare at those shoes now.
becca said…
Oooo. The shoes are suede!

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