I Love Her Style!

Meet Gokarm from Polyvore. The outfits she puts together are playful and funky. She often uses photos or accessories as inspiration, and is a great example of how you can interpret anything you see into your clothing. The looks below were inspired by a vintage comic cover, a painting, and Tim Burton's body of work.

Gokarm isn't predictable. When designing a look inspired by the movie Dracula, she avoided all the goth stereotypes while still producing a modern take on dark Victorian romance.

I've been thinking a lot the past few months about clothing contrasts -- black leather with pink chiffon, for example -- but Gokarm manages to take it to a new level.

One of her biggest influences is a quote from an unremembered source that said, "In very beautiful women is something masculine, and in every beautiful man is something feminine." Perhaps this is why I enjoy Gokarm's style so much, as androgyny is a look I've never been able to master. Even then, her goal isn't to completely hide the look and shape of a woman, so she carefully considers cut and fabric when creating an ensemble.

If you want to see more of these looks, Gokarm elaborates on her outfits and others' on her blog Imprisoned Whimsy.


Anonymous said…
me too! :) great post girls, you really managed to capture some of her. We all know that nearly no one can see so deep in her to be able to say that he or she knows her inside and out :)
Jael Paris said…
I think that's part of why I like Gokarm's style so much, it indicates a complex person.
Anonymous said…
How fun! I especially like the second one, with the blacks and blues.

Anonymous said…
How great to find the sets of the very talented Gokarm here! I agree with you, she has a unique eye for styling... as do you!
Love your blog, btw!

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