Vintage Shop: Black Raven Vintage

While she's currently obsessed with Mod and New Look (and it's hard not to be), Black Raven Vintage sells classic pieces from the 1940s through the 1980s. The pieces are well-made with plenty of character, but they aren't dated or trend-centered. Raven is up front about selling things she'd wear, so expect more of what you see. Her Etsy shop is currently stocked with great trenches and dresses for transitional spring weather plus vintage shoes with perfect heels for all-day wear. (As you can see, Raven is also much better with photo collages than I am!) Prices run in the rather reasonable Gap range.
70s maxi sailor dress $69
80s mauve raincoat with contrast piping and removable hood $62


Anonymous said…
Her shop is stunning. I hope to buy something from it when I have a few bob. the pieces look like they are great condition...

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