Save or Splurge: Classic Suit

Every makeover show, every fashion magazine, every wardrobe advice article will tell you that you need a classic suit. You also need to invest in this suit. Obviously, I consider this a major splurge. The perfect suit has the ability to be the core of your professional wardrobe.

Look for a suit in a neutral color that flatters your skin tone. This means you don't have to wear a black suit. I'd like a dark gray suit myself.

Buy a suit with classic lines. Skip the trendy suits, these will go out of style and defeat the purpose of making an investment.

Get it tailored. The suit is not going to fit you right off the rack. It just doesn't happen that way. Buying the suit at a store that offers tailoring will save the time of finding a tailor and could save a little money.

Look for quality fabrics and construction. If it isn't well made, it won't last long. Again, this will defeat the purpose of the investment. Try looking for natural fibers. Consider how the material will wear all year round, depending on the climate where you live or travel.

Try a million things on. This is how you find the style and color that flatters you most. This is not a quick shopping trip kind of purchase. This will probably take several trips to several stores.

Also, look for a suit with multiple pieces. This isn't a necessity, but it adds versitility. Some suits have the options of matching skirt. Others even have a multiple jackets. Buy the extra pieces if you love the suit because they will only give you more options to mix it up in the future.

You can break a suit up and wear it with other separates. One suit could furnish an entire business trip and the only things anyone would notice is how well coordinated you are. Go ahead and wear the pants without the jacket and the jacket without the skirt.

The classic suit may be a splurge, but it doesn't have to eat your whole wallet. The suit doesn't need to be designer so that will save money right there. Buying a quality suit and having it tailored to fit may not be that expensive. Tailoring a moderately priced suit is cheaper than buying most high-end suits. A good fit made from quality fabrics will always look like a million dollars anyway.

Pinstripe suit from Ann Taylor


Rachel said…
Splurge... for all the reasons you listed :)
Anonymous said…
Splurge, if a suit suits you. The model doesn't look right for the suit.

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