Project Design: Sock Monkey Stuff

Project Design is our own competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

This week's challenge is the search for a the cuddliest sock monkey. These fun little creatures, made from socks, can be a playful accessory. Which sock will you wear?

Don't Touch my Monkey Necklace by CupboardScraps

sock it to me track tee by SocksFifthAvenue

Sock Monkey messenger bag by dinwiddies

Sock Monkey Frame Purse Keychain by SockysWorld

Monkey Business T-Shirt by clothmothclothing


Anonymous said…
How many "designers" are doing the sockmoney thing ???
Jael Paris said…
Project Design isn't about trends as much as it is about independent businesses. There may only be a few sellers on Etsy doing sock monkeys but that's enough for choices if sock monkeys are your thing.

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