Hair Jewelry

A friend of mine is getting married. She has beautiful, thick black curly hair. Of course, she needs her blogger friend to find some equally lovely adornments for her mane.

You don't need to be getting married or going to prom to try hair jewelry. Clipping on a crystal barrette could be the perfect way to make your work dress a chic date ensemble without having to run home. And if you're feeling funky, trying pairing one with your favorite tee, jeans and Chucks.
Top: champagne spray headband, Lunedemiel on Etsy $80
silk gardenia barrette with pearl center, Ella Salley on Etsy $24.99
filigree pearl barrette, Byrd Designs $26.95
copper swirl slide barrette, Speharb on Etsy $16
swarovski crystal clip, Soho For Me $69.99
Middle: topaz and ivory pearl combs, Michele Dawn on Etsy $49
wire and crystal tiara, Studio Pink on Etsy $30
steel hair sticks with glass flower ends, Blue Heron $67
Bottom: white rose comb and veil, If Only on Etsy $18
vintage earring bobby pins, Historically Inspired on Etsy $15


Anonymous said…
I absolutely love the idea of one big, complimentary flower in the hair, and I do this all the time. It's one of my favorite ways to accessorize and make an outfit special.

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