Chic Organic Clothing by Elroy Apparel

Leanne McElroy has the same problem with organic clothing that I have: life can't be lived in tee shirts and yoga pants. My fashionable, professional self needs jackets, trousers, dresses, and collared shirts, but I'd love it if those items were made of renewable, pesticide-free material. Unlike me, McElroy can sew, and has a beautiful line of organic clothing called Elroy Apparel. Her Spring Summer 2008 collection is primarily black and white with bright pops of orange.
These gorgeous clothes are mainly sold in west coast boutiques (oh! to live in Vancouver!). The one online store to sell Elroy Apparel closed, so I hope someone else will pick up this amazing designer so Midwesterners such as myself can buy for beauty and sustainability.


Anonymous said…
We at offer a handful of Elroy dresses in our webstore. They're certainly one of my favorite brands here, but are certainly an acquired taste.
Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
I was looking for a beanie to use on my two month old infant and these beanies were far too big.

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