Adjustable Leather Shoes

If you have hard to fit feet, foot problems, or are just looking for a shoe that's eye-catchingly different, look into Medieval Moccasins. This lace up moccasin design is based on ancient Celtic footwear, and can adjust to the size of your foot based on how tight you pull the laces. Size and color are entirely up to you. Shoes have a durable neoprene sole, and Medieval Moccasins will resole them if needed. In addition to the standard design, boots and sandals are also available. The basic leather ones are machine washable. Prices vary with size, but for an adjustable shoe the prices are extremely reasonable. Make sure to read their size chart before ordering.
low top moccasins $46-$76
high top moccasin sandals $66-$70
boot $230-$270


becca said…
These are very unique. They look pretty comfortable. Interesting find.
Anonymous said…
These are really, really lovely. And funky.

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