Target Challenge: Subversive Jewelry for Target

To be honest this jewelry is a little expensive for Target, but I have faith in clearance. Plus, the jewelry is super fun and like my Dominique Cohen Bow Necklace, I doubt anyone would guess any of this is from Target. My favorite piece is the Multi-row Cameo in the middle, but I could see myself dressing up my fairly simple wardrobe with any of these fun, funky pieces. The challenge is, what would you wear these with? Show off your style by submitting a look all your own and all from Target.

Submit a look made entirely of Target pieces to go with any Subversive piece or combination of pieces. You can submit new looks in the comments or on our Polyvore group. You can view last week's looks there too.

Pictured: (clockwise from top left then middle)
Beaded Cluster Drop Pendant Necklace $39.99
Killer Bee and Roses Pendant Necklace $39.99
Butterfly Lucite Hinge Cuff $14.99
Bauhaus Stretch Bracelet $14.99
Cameo Multi-Row Necklace $59.99

Speaking of last weeks looks here are a few of my favorites:

Target-Bohemian by Espionage

Relaxed Target by trinity

Target Skirt by Bethany9

Check out the rest and submit something new HERE!


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