Save or Splurge: Summer Skirts

For me, the summer skirt is a major save. I'm not looking for structure, expensive materials, or even something that lasts forever. Skirts are usually an easy fit since flouncier skirts only have to fit at the waist and be a generally flattering shape for your body type.

Also, summer skirts are something I like to switch up every year. Of course, every women needs her collection of season-less, professional, classic skirts. However, inexpensive, summer skirts can be fun, trendy and a lacking a little in quality.

Where do you stand with summer skirts? Save or Splurge?

Forever 21 Lace Swing Skirt $15.80


Jael Paris said…
A summer skirt is a save. I have so much trouble finding shorts, so skirts are what I wear to picnics and theme parks. Those are the type of skirts I buy for $15-$25 in case they get covered with pop or torn on a ride.
Rachel said…
I agree- save. I wear skirts almost every day of the summer, so no matter how expensive a skirt is it's not going to last more than a couple years. I'd rather buy 3 cheap skirts and have a fun selection than buy 1 expensive skirt that might last one more year.
Carolyn said…
Lovely skirt for summer time... I like the design and color of this!!

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