Save or Splurge: Rain Boots

Obviously, the purchase of rain boots depends entirely on the climate in which you live. Where I live, spring is a snow-melting, rain-pouring, muddy season. Cute rain boots keep my feet dry and warm while allowing me to splash in any puddle I like.

My first pair of rain boots cost only $20. After a short time, the stiff, cheap plastic-y rubber required patching. The patching turned to duct-taping. The duct tape stopped being cute and the boots were retired.

Now that I'm in the market for a new pair of boots (not a great market when you have a size 11 foot), I'm willing to spend a little more. However, I'm not willing to fork over nearly $200 for a Burberry pair. I'm willing to splurge, but not that much.

Rain boots should be made of rubber or plastic that won't crack like the cheap ones do. You will be walking in these boots and walking bends the material. This will, unfortunately cost more than $20. I'm willing to spend a little more to find a boot that will stand up for several seasons since I don't plan on moving to a tropical climate soon, and I spend a lot of time walking outside because of where I work. These Hunter boots (available in men's sizes for larger feet) might do the trick, but I'll have to wait for a sale.

If you'd rather save than splurge, try Target where you can buy an array of boots online (including the ones pictured above). If you do decide to splurge keep in mind that an over-the-top prints may not be a good investment if your looking for versatility and longevity.


Rachel said…
I think a splurge might be in order here. The only pair of rain boots I ever bought cost only $6, and they hurt my feet so much the first time I wore them that I never wore them again.
Jael Paris said…
I think I should look into wellies this year. Indiana lacks proper sidewalks. Plus, the whole area is under a flood watch. I noticed yesterday that the raging river was only five feet below the bridge!

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