Project Design: Bird Jewelry

Project Design is our own competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway. This week's challenge is all about punctuation marks! Which one of these punctuated accessories expresses you? Rate the runway by voting for your favorite designer.

I posted several months ago that bird motifs were popping up everywhere. Bird are still flying around, especially in Etsy jewelry stores.

Flight Necklace by Mata Hari Jewelry
Bluebird Recycled Felted Wool Brooch by Lil Fish Studios
3 Colorful Birdie Earrings by Etsy For Animals
Photo Earrings, Swiftly by Adorn Jewelry
Fauna Spotted Bird Necklace by Paraphernalia
Blue Bird of Happiness Recycled Vinyl Cuff by Jakrandomart


Rachel said…
I loooove the bird trend. I wish it would stick around.
LeLapinAgile said…
and I love it too! I would definately buy the Paraphernalia bird necklace. That's a great brand! (I'm lovepolyvore from Polyvore)
Jael Paris said…
Note to self: post more bird stuff.

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