Knits with Shape

I've been thinking a lot about sweaters which I should be able to keep wearing until May. (Who am I kidding? This is Indiana. I might be able to wear sweaters until August.) A quick look in my wardrobe and I realized that my tight sleeved sweaters didn't really work with my puff sleeved shirts. All winter, the best layering I've been able to manage is tight on tight. As a woman, that is not a look that works all month.

The extra shoulder room in this cocoon cardigan would work with my puff sleeve shirts, and the draping would be much kinder to me on my not-so-confident days. Folds and draping have been all over the runways, and I love the idea of wearing this sweater with a belt, pencil skirt, and boots a'la Burberry. If you're also looking for a chic way to wrap up until summer, this sweater by Nothing to Wear is $69.99 at


Rachel said…
Oooh, I like those. Very pretty.
becca said…
These are nice. I want them to come in purple.

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