The Horror: Cankle Boot

The hottest trend for spring 2008 is making your ankles as huge as possible. Dude! Magazine recently reported that 3 of 5 guys prefer a woman whose ankles cannot be defined from their calves.* "Means they can carry more children," said Gary from Gary, Indiana. Don't let your prima ballerina ankles keep you single! Cuff wide puffy booties by Camilla Skovgaard to your feet, and watch the men flock to you. $525 at Shopbop is a merger investment for love.

*No, that's not a real magazine. No, it's not a real report. No, you should not feel bummed if you're single. No, shoes will not find you a date.


becca said…
What was the thought process behind this shoe?
Anonymous said…
I'm single, I have very defined ankles and I loathe those shoes. They look like straight jackets for your feet. Dude Magazine sounds rawkin' though.
Jael Paris said…
You're so right! I couldn't pin it down, but they do look like straight jackets.

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