Etsy Shop of the Week: UNEARTHED

UNEARTHED, formed by sisters Karen and Gina Koenig, produces luxurious leather accessories using exotic leathers such as alligator, stingray, crocodile, ostrich, and snake skin.

UNEARTHED creators draw inspiration from the "thick rock-and-roll-meets-high-society aire" that permeates much of Los Angeles. They love mixing an urban aesthetic with streamlined elegance and draw from all things unique to create their carefully crafted cuffs, bracelets, bangles and bags.

The Alligator Tail Lace Up Cuffs and the Black Lizard Silver Lined Cuff are among the creators favorites. While the Oversized Alligator Tail Cuffs are post popular in the shop. UNEARTHED creates a wide range of stunning leather accessories and will take custom orders to create that personal piece thats perfect for you.

Genuine Lizard Cuff Bracelet $85

Photos courtesy of UNEARTHED.


Rachel said…
Just so you all know, UNEARTHED is also a crazy-go-nuts LOST fan. I was having a discussion with her on Friday in the Etsy forums about LOST. Well, I guess UNEARTHED is technically two people, but anyway...

I love their products- I wish I could afford them. Thanks for featuring them!

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