Etsy Shop of the Week: Esme Art

Esme Art offers bright, whimsical jewelry, findings, art and beads. The bright accessories are cheerful and a wonderful touch for spring.

Esme Art, founded in 2005, is a husband and wife team of Chris and Esme. Esme had studied fashion design and photography and wanted to be a jewelry designer. Her panic attacked did not allow her to finish school, but her jewelry making seems to have flourished. Her fun pieces, which can also be found at PaisleyChainsaw on Etsy, come from a variety range of inspirations ranging from the films of Tim Burton to the 80s, punk rock and Queen.

Some Esme's favorite pieces are the Handmade Bright Pink Rose Necklace and the Monopoly House Earrings because they show how varied her pieces can be from handmade to found objects. Another popular item is the Swan Cameo Necklace (pictured).

Esme art does accept custom orders and has a lot to offer.

Photo courtesy of Esme Art.


Jael Paris said…
Paisley Chainsaw?! HAHAHA! That's a great name.

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