And The Winner of Project Runway Is...

The finale of Project Runway began with the typical "I'm nervous," "I'm fabulous" chatter. Tim stepped in for his critique. He didn't like this sweater with the loops on the sleeves by Jillian. He liked that Rami had stepped it up. He wondered if Christian had over designed his collection.

Rami seemed quite confident with his work. Jillian had a terrible time being desicive, but pulled it together in the end. Christian lost his confidence a bit, not something we were used to during the season.

Tim had everyone "gather 'round" for one last time and commented that this season of Project Runway produced the highest level of design.

Heidi announces that Victoria Beckham will be the guest judge. This is good news for Christian.

Jillian went first. Her collection was feminine, cohesive and wearable.

Next up, Rami, showed his beautifully constructed, elegant collection.

Last, but certiantly not least, Christian's bold, fashion-forward and fierce collection stomped down the runway.

The judges seemed to like Jillian's collection, but felt is may have been a little disjointed.

Posh thought Christian was "major" and Michael loved the two tones. However, the judges thought it might have been a little repetitive.

Heidi loved Rami's collection and they all admired his design. Nina complimented his clear point of views.

And the winner of Project Runway is...


At 21, he is the youngest winner of Project Runway. As my personal favorite, I am pleased. Oh, and his real prize... Posh says she wants to wear his stuff. That should help him out a little.

You can view all of the final collections, including Sweet P's and Chris', on


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