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Writing articles on men’s fashion is, I’ve quickly come to learn, a study in playing catch up with the “fairer sex”. Despite many innovations in style historically being developed for the gentleman, the modern fashion scene is, unmistakably, mostly feminine in scope, having so absorbed the designs and styles of men over time as to have completely removed them from the wardrobe of guys across the Western world. What once flourished under the increased Eastern trade during the Renaissance now stagnated; limited by the new central role military style played in common men’s fashion. Pants, boots, jackets and much more, all militaristic in origin, dominated the world of men’s clothing, and continue to greatly do so today.

In a modern light, try and go one day without seeing someone in camo, khaki or slacks. Unless you’re touring a Maritime tourist trap, you’re unlikely to see anyone wearing a kilt (or robe).

Some designers have, to sometimes curious ends, attempted to buck the status quo, and though nothing Earth shattering arrived this year, 2008 has proven to be no exception. Ann Demeulemeester satirizes the mainstays of military based fashion, including camo in a vest

And playing with the design of a jacket

While John Galliano goes the whole nine yards


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