Welcome to Your Virtual Closet

What I would enjoy most about working for a publication like Vogue would be the access to the clothes -- Miu Miu shoes, Alexander McQueen dresses, Prada bags. I often wish I could play stylist with things that are way beyond my price stratosphere. In steps Polyvore to make all my wardrobe dreams come true!

Polyvore is a virtual outfit maker with thousands of items from various estores. Items are submitted by members using their handy clipper tool. (Unfortunately in my week of play, I've yet to figure out how to clip items from Anthropologie or Etsy.) You can then use the items to create the outfit of your dreams. While Polyvore is great for unleashing your inner stylist and playing with clothes that may not work on your real life body (take that skinny jeans!), it's not very reliable if you are interested in purchasing the items. Many items have sold out of stores or link to a rabbit trail of blogs before getting you to the original source.

I've been spending way too much time on Polyvore, and I'm sure becca will be sucked in as soon as she beats back her cold. If you want to see the items we love and more of the looks I've put together, go to Fashion Me Fabulous' Polyvore homepage.


Rachel said…
Oh my gosh, I'm about to become addicted... don't...click....

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