Throw Away Fashion Wants You To Be Kinder to Earth

Doing what you can to reduce waste and clean the planet is a wonderful thing. We should all be doing it. But I find something a little sick about Forever 21, known for it's stylish clothing you wear a few times then throw out once the washing machine destroys it, selling bags about going green. Interestingly enough, some of the listings don't even say what the bag is made of. If you still want the bag on the left, it's $4.80 from Forever 21. If you don't want such an ethical conflict while reducing plastic waste, try these reusable totes from Envirosax.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad to hear someone else finally say this about Forever 21- I must not be talking to the right people, because all my friends deny the cheap-crap quality of Forever 21. I love it, but I totally agree- you won't get much wear out of any of it. This campaign is pretty bizarre.

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