Romantic Valentine Jewelry

So far we've featured Valentine lingerie, both cute and sexy, and off beat Valentine jewelry. Here is some girly, romantic Valentine jewelry to express your love on Valentines day or any day. (Click the image for a larger view.)

Inside Heart:
Betsey Johnson Love Me Heart Earrings $75
Betsey Johnson Multi Layered Heart/Cupid Necklace $55
Betsey Johnson Multi Small Puff Heart Charm Bracelet $55

Outside Heart: (clockwise from top)
Forever 21 First Love Necklace $8.90
Forever 21 Rosebud Plastic Ring $2.80
Loopsdesign Coeur (heart) Natural Silver Earrings $29
Forever 21 Beaded Charm Necklace $8.80
LycheeKiss Crazy In Love Earrings $14
Dominique Cohen for Target Beau Coeur (beautiful heart) Ring $10.49


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