The New Look: The Dior Revolution

Details: The New Look: The Dior Revolution by Nigel Cawthorne published in 1996.

Pros: Rather than saying, "Dior was significant," the author spends half the books establishing the social and fashion scenes as influenced by war, depression, art and film, several decades before the arrival of Dior's New Look. By the time Christian Dior comes on to the fashion scene, the reader has a perfect grasp of the world he was turning upside down.

The New Look also made me rethink vintage clothing. I'd always been told things about how this and that was popular because it was modest, but it really was just in vogue.

Cons: Being out of print, this book is rather pricey.

Favorite tidbits: Shoulder bags are the offspring of gas mask holders.

A typical Dior New Look dress required over 25 yards of fabric and 200 man-hours to complete.

Christian Dior received death threats over his New Look collection.

"Fashion is dedicated to all the women of the world, to women in general. There is nothing I would like better than to make every woman look and feel like a duchess." -- Christian Dior

Rating: 5 of 5


Anonymous said…
Facinating! Sounds like an interesting read.

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