Love or Loathe? Metallic Cover-up

Swimsuit season is still a long way off, but stores are already stocking up on poolside merchandise. Nordstrom is selling this silver swimsuit cover-up for a crazy $78. Part of me thinks it's fun and would love to lounge on the beach in it with a giant hat and bug-eyed sunglasses while I keep the cabana boy working hard refilling my daiquiri glass. Part of me think Paris Hilton is going to step out in this and nothing else any day now since we haven't seen her lady bits in almost 12 months. Would you wear such a shiny cover-up come summer, or does it smell too strongly of desperate fame monger?


becca said…
Loathe. Those would be odd tan lines and the material looks like it would cling to wet skin/bathing suit in an unflattering way.
Anonymous said…
It's a little too J-Lo for me personally. I can see it being cute, but it would have just the right owner to pull it off.

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