The Horror: Tendrils Again

A while back, Jael Paris shared the horror of a too short, too revealing, too tendril-y party dress. This version from Cache offers a lot more coverage, but just as much confusion. First, it doesn't look like a dress. It looks like a cheap tank top and a skirt that got caught in the shredder during a bad office accident. It certainly doesn't look like it's worth $158.

Next, tendrils never really make sense. They will get caught on everything, and the white color really looks more like toilet paper has followed her out of the ladies room and less like details added on purpose. There also appears to be a tendril in the front she (or someone else) could trip over and risk falling into a tangled heap.

If you disagree and think this is cute or you want to dress up as an unraveling mummy for Halloween, you'll have to wait until the dress becomes available February 28th. Oh the anticipation.


Jael Paris said…
It looks like a jellyfish

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