The Horror: Fanny Packs

I shouldn't have to post about the unflattering nature of fanny packs, but Givenchy sent them down the SS 2008 runway. Chanel even shrank them and put them around ankles. I'd hoped we wouldn't see any more of them, but just this week Betsey Johnson and Marc by Marc Jacobs became part of the fanny pack. Let leave this trend in the 90s.

l-r: Givenchy, Chanel


becca said…
I just don't understand. Fanny packs are not flattering. Why wear a fanny pack when you can carry a fabulous bag? If you not into carrying things, just get a bag that goes across the body.
Anonymous said…
First I just have to get out of the way how ridiculously in love I am with that model's shoes...

But yes, the fanny pack is the most heinous thing I can imagine them bringing back. I'm going to close my eyes and pretend that I just saw medieval coin purses attached to that woman's belt.
Anonymous said…
I've been trying to tell my mother for years to ditch her fanny pack. Why oh why would such a terrible trend be revived?

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