Etsy Shop of the Week: Fiveleft

Fiveleft creates hand dyed, hand tooled leather goods. The minimalistic, unique designs are not only eye catching, but also functional and long lasting. Fiveleft designer, Lincoln Heller, began working with leather at an Alaskan logging camp where he made tool pouches out of old boots. He started out making leather good for men and working on several films like Eragon and Blade.

The basic materials and clean construction set these leather goods apart because they are made without glue, linings, synthetic replacements or other tricks. The hand dyed leather has less chemical treatment than industrial finishing. Fiveleft is also switching to a water based dye that will further reduce the chemicals used.

Heller says long lasting goods are a major goal of Fiveleft.
"Functionality and longevity are most important. I aspire to create things that do a job well and for a long time. I resent disposability and planned obsolescence, and think today’s climate of self-serving convenience is breeding the waste that is stuffing our landfills."

Heller's favorite pieces are the standing shell bags and the pop-up wallets. Red-ish brown is the most popular color. He draws inspiration for his sculptural pieces from the everyday world and the need for functionality.

Fiveleft will also take selective custom bag orders.

Visit Fiveleft on Etsy to purchase fine leather good and stop by the Fiveleft website for more.

Pictured: standingshell bag $350.


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