Etsy Shop of the Week: Binary Winter

Binary Winter is illustrator Cody Vrosh and writer Sheatiel Sarao. The two began as an indie small book press in 2007. When they took their first book, “The Irrelevant Redemption: A Steampunk Fairytale,” to Comic-Con International in San Diego, they brought along shirts with designs from the book, and the shirts took off.

Their favorite design, Tender Time Bomb, which also comes on dresses, scarves, and boy shorts, was featured in last week's Project Design here on Fashion Me Fabulous. Their design earned over half the votes putting it in the winner's circle. Since you all liked it so much, I thought you might like to take a peek at the rest of their line. Pictured above is one of the post popular items from their store, Logic Trap. Of it they say, “Logis is a tricky mistress, and we think many folks can identify with falling into her devious snares.”

Cody find inspiration for his designs by just keeping his eyes open. “I think the key is combining elements from the things we find beautiful to create something wholly new.” Sheatiel's draws her inspiration technology, science fiction, and her love for robots and animals creating many “Frankensteinian fusions such as our Mechanical Dove design.”

Binary Winter's offbeat designs are unique and eye catching in a very fashionable way. If you don't see the color combination you'd like, they are more than willing to take a custom order. If you'd like to see their work in person and happen to be in the San Francisco area, stop by Wonder-Con 2008 on February 22-24. In case you can't stop by to see them, visit their website, or their blog.


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