Dress Up Your Curves: Old Navy.com

Old Navy has expanded sizes to include plus size. The clothes are available online only (it would be much better if they sold them in stores). The clothes are cute, true to Old Navy style, and in the typical Old Navy price range. The selection of pants is larger than many of the plus size sites I've reviewed. Old Navy also sells all the great basics they usually carry like jackets, tank tops, sweaters, and jeans in plus size. The outfit above (build one like it) would be great for a weekend lunch or casual Friday. Switch the jeans to nice dress pants and wear it to work.

Sateen Blazar $29.50
"The Flirt" Chambray Jeans $42.50
Cross Front Top $19.50
Rib Knit Tank $10.50
Faux Ivory Necklace $14.50
Shoes from PiperLime: Tribeca by Kenneth Cole Be Nice $60


Anonymous said…
Actually, Old Navy used to sell their plus sizes in stores. However, in the middle of the summer last year, they removed them to online only. A bad move, in my opinion, but at least they offer free returns.
Great outit, by the way!
Jael Paris said…
Agreed. Total bad move on their part. It's rude that they seem to think women who wear plus sizes don't need to try things on.
becca said…
I thought they used to sell plus sizes in the stores, but I couldn't remember because I hadn't shopped there in a while. I can't imagine that it helped business to pull the from the shelves.

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