Dip Dye Do It Yourself

I keep passing the dye at my local grocery store and mentally running through all the things in my closet that could get a new lease on life with a different color. These boxes of powered dye are also perfect for making your own trendy ombre clothes for spring 2008. I haven't tried this myself, but Fashionista, Style Bubble, and Flying Saucer, have all recently posted pictures and steps from their own dip dye experiments. If you are successful, send us pictures! (Heck, send us pictures even if you're not successful.)

This white top from Target would be a nice base...


Anonymous said…
Makes me want to break out the rit dye and try something on a dress that I no longer care about. Worst case scenario: Goodwill gets a hand dyed dress that they were going to get anyway and I'm out only a couple dollars. Now I just have to figure out what it is I'm going to dye.
becca said…
You must send pictures of your attempt, successful or not.

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