Buying Into Bright Accessories

Maybe our post about colorful boots, gloves and scarves wasn't what you needed as you pine to shed your winter woolies. Well, hold on to your turquoise socks, because here's more primary and neon goodies to brighten your February and March and April...
Top: teal and orange scarf, Anthropologie $58
blue skinny patent belt, Target $9.99
mint and orange knee socks, Anthropologie $28
red woven belt, Forever 21 $8.80
multi abstract scarf, Old Navy $9.50
Bottoms: magenta leggings, American Apparel $34
rainbow hearts headband, Shana Logic $12
striped scarf, Target $8.99
purple wrapped headband, Anthropologie $28
yellow leather corset belt, Bebe $34.99
Top: orange felt brooch, Vaivanat on Etsy $19
teal and lime earrings, KP Glass Jewelry 1 on Etsy $35
turquoise tree cuff, Holly Hawk on Etsy $20
patent leather bangle, Tasha, Nordstrom $58
Middle: cupcake charm bracelet, Shana Logic $60
your choice enamel earrings, Walk On The Moon on Etsy $11
red layered bead necklace, Target $17.99
Bottom: poppy pins, by Eco on $6
coral enamel ring, Kenneth Jay Lane, Bluefly $25
rainbow bead hoops, Forever 21 $4.80
green yarn bangle, Yarborough, Shopbop $17.10

Check back in a few days for bright, colorful bags and shoes.


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