$100 Off Frye Adrienne Boots

Amazon is not a website I generally think of for clothing and shoes, but they carry them. (And if you like this, you may also be interested in...) They're currently carrying the Frye Adrienne that so many of you have been interested in. The sizes and colors that they are running low on are marked down to around $320 from $400. The grey ones are down to $299. Rush over to Amazon and see if you have a lucky shoe size to save you 25% on this popular style.


Anonymous said…
Have you, by any chance, seen a brown pair, size nine, hanging out somewhere for like, 50 bucks? Yeah, 50 bucks.

*Big winning smile*
Jael Paris said…
If I see such a thing, I'll alert the media. And by media I mean Fashion Me Fabulous.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I know it will never, ever happen. It would be disrespectful to the boots, anyway. But a girl can dream.
Jael Paris said…
I'm still dreaming of finding a Fendi B for $20, in which case, I will alert my wallet.

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