Store Review: We Love Colors

As a skirt loving girl, I'd been wanting more colored tights for winter, but I'd already raided Target and the local department stores seemed entrenched in brown, black and grey. Hardly the green, teal and maroon I was looking for.

Thankfully, We Love Colors has a great little website offering tights, leggings, thigh highs, and fishnets in over 45 colors. The prices were nice and my order arrived within two days.

Tights from We Love Colors are a heavier denier than what I've purchased in the past. This makes them warmer and feel more substantial. It also means they don't stretch as much. If you constantly tug at your loose tights, that could be a good thing. If you're tall and count on that extra stretch, this might not be the store for you. I've worn the tights I purchased several times, including all day New Year's Eve, and have been perfectly comfortable.

Whether you want the perfect shade or are hesitant to invest too deeply in the bright color trend, look into We Love Colors.


Anonymous said…
great! my friend wanted colored tights for her modeling photoshoots :-)
Anonymous said…
awesome! love it! that site is the bomb!
Do you have any advice on what sizes to order?
Jamie said…
They have a size chart if your not sure of what size to order.

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