Sneakers for the Fashion Fiend

A coworker recently asked me if I even owned a pair of sneakers. I do. They are a traditional sneaker shape, brown with pink and tan accents, and were purchased in the kid's section at Target. I only wear them when I'm doing dirty work. Aside from being practically born in pumps, I've never liked the lines of any sort of athletic shoe. They make my feet feel clumpy and claustrophobic.

Perhaps I am like many women who say they hate heels, and I simply haven't found a pair of tennies to fall in love with. If I had to replace my wedges and stilettos with sneakers, I'd choose from one of these. (Believe it or not, the gold hi-tops are inspiring me!)
Top row: gold hi-top, Nike, Urban Outfitters $99.99
pink blue and grey dot skimmer, Aldo $35
tonal green, Puma $75
Second row: purple kimono print, Adidas, Karma Loop $72
black leather, Nike "Shox Rivalry Premium," Nordstrom $120
black sequins, Urban Outfitters $28
Bottom row: plaid button, Nordstrom $39.95
fuchisa and orange, Puma $65
purple with green laces, Creative Recreation, Karma Loop $80


Anonymous said…
Very classy looking shoes

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