Project Runway Goes to Prom

This week the contestants on Project Runway created prom dresses for high school girls. To make it even harder, the girls got a say in the design. Most of the designers started our trying to please their clients by matching their exact vision then quickly switched to making something they would normally make.

For the most part, the girls loved their dresses, but Christian's model wasn't cooperative. He got run over in the consultation and created a dress that kind of fit her description but didn't look good at all. He did have the most difficult model and just didn't know how to handle it. It almost ended his journey on the show.

However, Kevin's dress looked matronly and unfinished so Christian got to stay, but Kevin went home.

Victorya won the challenge with the most age-appropriate outfit. The fun color, shape, and jewels really sparkled on the runway. She didn't start out with that look or shape, but she kept her client in mind when she changed it for the better. The girl loved the dress and definitely had fun modeling it.

Prom is a pretty big deal for a lot of high school girls. Would you have trusted your prom dress to someone reality show designer? Or would you have searched for the perfect dress yourself? If you would have trusted it to someone, which designer would you have picked? Also, do you have a prom fashion disaster? We'd love to see it.


Jael Paris said…
I read in that book about couture that modern design started when Worth started treating making clothes as an art rather than as a the-customer-knows-best sort of business. An interesting idea for sure.

Yea for having to make dresses for more common body types!

You said journey. They're getting to you!
becca said…
Oh no. They are getting to me.
Anonymous said…
I was actually in love with the other bright blue dress... with the rainbow design on the bust? I just blanked on which designer was responsible, but I adored it. I was sad to see Kevin go, though I agreed his dress was yuck.

For sure, I would have let a reality tv person make my prom dress for free, gotten a chance to be on tv. If you hate it at the end, well, then you're right back where you started and will have to buy one like everyone else.

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