Project Runway: Edible Episode

Last night on Project Runway, the designers were challenged to create objects from their strangest material yet: items found in the Hershey's candy store.

Until now, the Designers have not had to use odd materials. In past seasons challenges have included recyclables, groceries, and the clothes off their backs. Now they get to use chocolate and all the trim.

As the challenge turned out, only Jillian chose to use edible materials. The rest of the designers used product pillows, wrappers, packaging, and stuffed toys. This resulted in a lot of unwrapped chocolate available for eating, which sounds like my dream challenge. Jillian's outfit didn't look like it would turn out, but in the end she came close to winning. The great design, the actual candy, and the fun over all effect won her big compliments from the judges. She may not have won the challenge, but Michael Kors called her creation “deliciously chic.”

Elisa decided to go for a Gretel theme (as in Hansel and Gretel). However, any costume inspired theme taken too literally looks like a costume. With materials and time constraints like this, it also looks like a costume from a grade school play made by the mother who couldn't sew. The judges thought her costume was drab and sent her home.

Rami's outfit won. It was great design and structure combined with all the fun of candy. It could have been a mess because of how busy it was, but it was so well made that it worked.

Overall, the designers did pretty well with the unconventional materials. In the past, fewer realistic outfits have come from the strange challenges. Hershey's will be auctioning all the looks to benefit Young Survival Coalition which supports young women with breast cancer.


Jael Paris said…
I love, love, love challenges like this!

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