Make Me A Supermodel Premiere

Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor hosted the first episode of Make Me A Supermodel tonight on Bravo. This new model show uses the American Idol Model. Tonights show was a shorted version of the first few weeks of American Idol with the tour of auditions, a couple of absurd try-out, the first few eliminations of those chosen from their hometowns, and the contestants chosen through the online votes.

The hour long premiere was not all that exciting and failed to keep my interest. However, none of the actual challenges have really begun. The crowd of models looks more diverse though not much younger than America's Next Top Model contestants. Supermodel also adds male models to the mix, which should make for some interesting photo shoots and some very interesting drama.

The American Idol structure may produce a well liked spokes model, but is a modeling show capable of making an actual supermodel?


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